No Whiteboards Beyond This Point

Big Tech see you as a cog in their machine. You’re a developer or a designer, a UX expert or a marketing guru, a product director or a… whatever; you’re assigned a title and you stay in your lane.

This has always irked you—you’ve never done just one job, you do all of them.

There’s no place for you in Big Tech. In fact, they actively don’t want you.
They know you’d rock the boat.

Introducing Bootstrap Club

We made a place for you. Join an exclusive, members‐only club of innovators who get you. Network with like‐minded superstars; meet, learn, and grow.

What You Get

Exclusive access to our private Discord full of like minded top-tier entrepeneurs, all experts (or budding experts) at programming, product, architecture, marketing, sales and innovation.

New channels will be added as our community takes shape.

We also have an exclusive and unique perk, a private channel of the five people who joined at the same time as you. We believe five people is the right number of people to start something special. We believe you will prove it.

There is also an invite‐only channel for the cream of our community. We are unashamedly meritocratic.

Joining Bootstrap Club

Membership requires a ticket. Tickets are NFTs listed on OpenSea.

The above rules maintain a price‐correcting market with built in scarcity. Thus your ticket has intrinsic value; as more people join and demand increases the value will increase accordingly.

Tickets are non-fungible, thus you are free to sell your ticket at any time at any price on any (NFT) marketplace. If you sell them on OpenSea they will be listed alongside ours. Thus Bootstrap Club Tickets are their own market.

Your admission to our Discord is contingent on owning a ticket, the moment you sell you’ll be ejected.

Hit That Button

Fuck Big Tech. Let’s build the future together.

Buy a Ticket on OpenSea

Some Details

Where’s the Discord Link?

Check your ticket; the unlockable content contains the link.

Guide for OpenSea n00bs

Your ticket is now assigned to your wallet. It’s yours in a way that very little property in this world can be.

† There are numerous ways to buy Ethereum, but we recommend this way if you’re new.

‡ Gas is a fee charged by the Ethereum network for every transaction. Currently it is (very) expensive, but it varies during the day. Try midnight EST.

✻ Polygon is a “layer 2” network on top of Ethereum with zero gas fees. However bridging Ethereum to Polygon requires a gas fee.

Buying ETH with Metamask is expensive. Instead you may want to use a cryptocurrency exchange (that’s my referral link—we both get $10) and then transfer that money to Metamask. The problem is that for most countries there is a minimum wait time before you can transfer your ETH out of the exchange. In the US it’s four days.

About the NFTs

The tickets are each based on formula from Homebrew and are being created in descending order of popularity based on an initial pull of the data on September 29th. You can use this to predict when certain formula will be represented.

The images are hand‐selected representing the most arduous part of the creation process. Most of the rest of the steps are automated and with time will be fully automated. At which point I will probably release the scripts as open source.

I created the formula for bitcoin and Ethereum earlier than they would have otherwise been represented. I may continue to do this for other blockchain related formula.

NFT Strategy


You can take a guess at the club membership numbers from the number of that have been purchased at least once on OpenSea.


You own the NFT. The club itself is not a legal entity. Membership is complimentary for ticket owners.