Hi there, I’m Max Howell

I’m an entrepeneur.

I made open source used by millions of people.

I created Homebrew, and if you want to say thanks, you can buy me a beer.

Please note Homebrew is no longer mine and is supported by a large team of other volunteers.

Xcode app & Xcode cat


Supporting mxcl

Periodically I make useful things.




Sublimate Open Source Library

DX layer for Vapor 4.


Uses This / Max Howell Open Source Interview

I had a lot of fun doing this interview.

Cake Open Source App

A delicious, quality‑of‑life supplement for your app‑development toolbox.

Chalk Open Source Library

Terminal colors using Swift 5’s string interpolation extensions.

Workbench Open Source App

Seamless, automatic, “dotfile” sync to iCloud.

AppUpdater Open Source Library

Automatically update open source macOS apps from GitHub releases.

Version Open Source Library

semver (Semantic Version) Swift µFramework.

LegibleError Open Source Library

Beating Error.localizedDescription at its own game.

Path.swift Open Source Library

Delightful, robust, cross‑platform and chainable file‑pathing functions.

swift sh Open Source Library

Trivially import third‑party dependencies in your Swift scripts.


Swift by Sundell №36 Podcast

“Promises everywhere”, with special guest Max Howell.

$ brew create Presentation

Talk at FrenchKit 2018.

Canopy App

Push notifications for GitHub events.

TEDx Presentation

How I learned to stop worrying and love artificial superintelligence.


CHANGELOG#232 Podcast

Homebrew and Swift with Max Howell.


PromiseKit Open Source Library

Promises for Swift & ObjC; a top‑100 pod.


CHANGELOG#35 Podcast

Homebrew and OSX Package Management.


Homebrew Open Source Tool

The missing package manager for Mac.